Saturday, August 30, 2008

How Much Does a Televangelist Make?

Because churches are not required by law to disclose their finances the salaries of many mega-church/ televangelist are unknown. Here are a few of the yearly salaries that I could find. Why was I looking you may ask. Because I was bored and curious that's why. What do you think? Do they make too much, not enough?

Joel Osteen - $200,000 (now receives no salary and lives strictly off of his book sales)
Paul Crouch $419,000
Janice Crouch $361,500
John Hagee $842,005 in compensation and $414,485 in benefits
Benny Hinn $1.325 million (estimated)
Joyce Meyer $900,000 (reduced to $250,000 due to criticism)
Randy White $179,000
James Eugene Ewing $307,187
Rick Waren $0 (due to the success of his book repaid the church back for the last 25 years of salary and gives 90% of his money away)


snobound said...

When we were pastoring a church in Iowa we didn't get paid NEARLY that much. I can see we were in the wrong business...

Michael Joseph Sharp said...

Money, Shmunny.