Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Party Time

Tis the season to party. Tonight I went to Greg's 15th birthday party. Imagine if you will, a room full of family and friends (mostly kids, he has 9 brothers and sisters if I'm counting correctly), loud music, and chicken wings. I'm not sure if I fall into the family or friends category. Granted, I'm not blood but a few of the kiddos do insist that I am indeed their uncle, a title that I am more than happy to accept.

One of my favorite things about kids is how uninhibited they are. A more perfect example than karaoke and dancing does not exist. I do not myself attempt to bust a move because I am painfully aware that I have no moves. I can barely raise the roof correctly. Kids don't care. I don't sing solos because I know good and well that I can't sing worth a lick. Kids can sing karaoke. They aren't American Idol material but the thing is, they just don't care. Its all about having fun. Can you do a crooked cartwheel? I bet you can. Will you do a crooked cartwheel? I bet you won't. Why is that, when did this happen? When did I get old?

Speaking of old, upon arrival I immediately locked my keys in my car. Thanks to a bent hanger, the light of my digital camera, a piece of junk car window and the help of Wolfy I got my keys back. Thanks Wolfy.

Greg, I had fun at your birthday party, wish you could have been there. I'll see you on the other side buddy.


snobound said...

How wonderful that you are still celebrating the life of such a special kid. Hope you were able to truly enjoy the night.

melanie said...

I must not have been in your blogworld in January as Jonah had to fill me in on Greg's death. I am so sorry, Dan. I think it is great that you celebrated his birthday though. Was he from Delhi?
Going to India on the week of his 15th birthday, way cool.
Have fun, blessings, and prayers, Dan.

DanThoms said...

He lived 2 streets behind DCC. I still stop by to pick up his kid sisters and brothers from time to time. I love those kids :)