Sunday, August 24, 2008

What is this Flower

I am continually amazed my the flowers that grow in my yard. Apparently the previous owner planted a ton of perennials so, like clock work, every year up the come. This one is a bit baffling to me. What I find strange is it only seems to bloom after the sun goes down. During the day the flowers are all closed up but come dusk they spring to life. Only about a dozen of them open up but there are about 75 flowers altogether. This is a huge plant but what is it? Anyone know?


Unknown said...

I think that's the very rare Dan-eating Quetzal. You should not make any sudden moves around it, and probably invest in a flamethrower.

melanie said...

It's probably Morning Glory. It only blooms in the cool and darkness of evening, night, and early morning. Usually they are purple-ish or white.

Pretty cool that you didn't have to do the work, but get to enjoy his/her perennials. But I think that's cheating.

Jenny said...

There's actually a flower called moon flowers. My neighbors have some and they only open at night and early morning.

Brea in Texas said...

It's for sure a moon flower. My neighbor has some that are similar. They're a member of the morning glory family, and aren't they just so lovely??!! I love the fragrance that some of them have.