Monday, August 25, 2008

the hottest guy on myspace

Not trying to be forward but you are honestly the hottest guy i've found on myspace.. too bad you live so far away LOL!! anyhow i only can check my myspace once a month cause my work blocks it.. but msg me on my msn account at jane87***@****.com

That's the message that I got on myspace today. Now, I don't have a poor self image but the hottest guy on myspace. Thats a bit much. That triggers my porn alarm. Attention, porn, evacuate the area at once. How full of yourself to you have to be to fall for spam like this? Yea, I'm so hot that everyone from everywhere wants to friend me. I googled the email address and sure enough, 33,700 references. Most of them went something like, Hey look at this girl with big yada yada yada on web cam going crazy yada yada yada. So anyhow, the lessen here for all of you seekers of wisdom is this, if a girl whose profile picture looks like she is about to bust straight out of her clothes tells you that your hot, um, spam.

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Anonymous said...

You ARE the hottest guy on