Friday, August 15, 2008

The Thoms Estate

Childhood memories, everyone has them. I was thinking today about going to my Grandmas house for Thanksgiving. My Grandma has since passed but the memories will live on forever. We called her Grammy Ann and she lived in Asheville, North Carolina. We loved our Grandma and every year would make the long trek into the mountains to see her. Now mind you, my Grandma didn't live in a small cabin in the mountains. She lived in a mansion on a 100 acre estate. She lived in her mansion and my Great Grandma lived down the road in the other family mansion. Grammy Ann called the estate Panda Play acres. She loved pandas. She loved animals. There were horses, huskies, cats, and peacocks.
I haven't been to the Thoms estate in years now. Both my Grandma and Great Grandma have been gone for a long time and things are different now. My Great Grandmas house is being renovated into a club house and 80 acres of the land are being developed. The Thoms estate was the largest privately owned estate not yet developed. Its not too likely that I will ever live at the Thoms estate. The cheapest house is priced at just under a cool million. I still have the memories though and those are free.

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melanie said...

ohhhh, my, my.
maybe you could get a family discount? It is odd to see a place that you have so many memories of being sold to strangers.