Monday, April 4, 2011

What Comes to Mind - Bacon

We did a "prayer experience" at church tonight. In the first exercise we were told to be silent and then write what came to our mind. I didn't think that was very specific because I think about a lot of stuff that isn't worth writing down. After about 5 minutes of nothing I started writing and this is what I wrote:

God you are my mighty warrior, my protector, my strong fortress. You give rest to the weary and strength to the downtrodden. When no one else is, you are. You come to my defense and rescue me in my time of need. You believe in me even more than I believe in you. When I doubt, you stand by my side. You pick me up when I fall down and carry me when I am weak. I am weak, pick me up.

Ps. Ok for those of you who did the prayer experience what did you put for breakfast food and zoo animal? Everyone in my group put either bacon or eggs and either giraffe or zebra. I of course put bacon and zebra.

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Francy said...

I love what you wrote! The stuff about God not the stuff about bacon and zebras.