Saturday, April 9, 2011

I was a 12 Year Old Hacker

According the the modern 12 year old hacking is posting something dumb on you friends facebook status when they forget to log out. When I was 12 facebook didn't exist, you had to pay per hour to use the internet and hacking was something altogether different. When I was 12 I was a hacker. And what did I hack? I hacked the Windows 3.1 version of Minesweeper. I know, menacing.

If you were to log into my home computer or any of the 4 computers at my local community center you would find that, despite the fact that I was terrible at the game, I had all of the high scores. And my scores were impossibly high. Not only did I have the high scores, if you clicked on the Help button, you would also that I was listed as the creator. Not only was I the creator, according to the copyright date, I created Minesweeper in the future. Wow, the future, impressive I know.

And how did I do it? I'm sure your dying to know. I discovered that if you opened the executable file in notepad you could do a search for key words and then replace them. After that all you needed to do was resave the file as an executable. And even though I now lead a quiet life, you now know, when I was 12 I was a hacker.

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Helen Ann said...

There's a special place in Hell for you, hacker boy!