Saturday, April 2, 2011

The 86

Last night I attended a very exciting event. It was the grand opening of the brand new 86 Club on short Vine in Clifton. The 86 is a new, positive, alcohol free music club for ages high school and up. And the best thing about this new club is it is 100% run by my friends. Chris and Monica Human are risk takers with a vision. I became friends with them around 10 years ago when they took over at the original Underground.

This month in kids church we are talking about Humility. This weeks story was about Jesus and how he led his disciples by example in the washing of their dirty, stinky feet. Feet are gross. While I was sitting around a table of 4th and 5th graders I had a flashback. I'll never forget sitting in an Underground staff meeting when Chris asked all of the volunteers to turn their seats around facing outwards and remove one sock and shoe. The Underground was no small operation and there were dozens upon dozens of volunteers. And then, as we all sat there, Chris and Monica walked around the circle kneeled down, and one by one washed our feet.

I know the volunteers who are working at the 86, they are my friends. I see their passion for reaching young people for Christ and it inspires me. If you like good music, at a great venue, run by an incredible staff, visit the 86.