Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sometimes My Eyes get Misty

People who know me really well know that tv commercials sometimes bring a tear to my eye. It doesn't take much. I guess when I watch tv by myself I'm a bit more emotional. I try my best to man up in public. When I watch tv with friends I just bite my lower lip and blink a lot.

Just so you don't have to read between the lines, what I'm saying here is I sometimes cry when I watch tv. (I hid my man card so it can't be taken from me.) Now, I don't wail so that the neighbors can hear me and there is no gnashing of teeth but a few tears do occasionally escape the strongholds of my face. Tonight was one of those nights and it happened while watching, of all shows, The Celebrity Apprentice.

I'm a big fan of reality tv. Considering the fact that I've tried out for Survivor 4 separate times I guess that's a given. What sets Celebrity Apprentice apart from most reality shows is the fact that all of the money earned goes to charity. It touches me deeply to see people putting their money where their mouth is and giving in a big way. And by a big way I mean 1.6 million dollars in one show. That's 1.6 million dollars that won't go towards buying a bigger house, a faster car or a bigger diamond ring. That's 1.6 million dollars that will help people. 1.6 million dollars given away in just a few quick hours. I say that's money well spent.

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