Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Curvy Vs. Voluptuous

Ok, so I'm a member of a free dating site. Yea, yea, shutup. So anyhow, under the advanced search you can choose "body type." These are the choices.

Prefer Not To SaySlenderAthletic
AverageA Few Extra PoundsBig & Tall/BBW
Well ProportionedThickBig Guy
Curvy/CurvaceousFull Figured

Ok, so some of these I understand. I know what Muscular, Athletic, Slender, Petite, Average and Athletic are. Here's where the confusion comes in. I feel like the rest of these options are purposely vague. What is the difference between Voluptuous and Thick? And what is the difference between Thick and Full Figured. And what in the world is Well Proportioned? Are Average women not Well Proportioned? If so that's terrible news for the average women. Big Guy? I'm looking for women. If she describes herself as a Big Guy than that's going to be a no go by me. And what is the tipping point between a Few Extra Pounds and Thick? I think this dating site needs to show some silhouettes that describe these check boxes. That would be very helpful.

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Karen said...

As a middle aged woman, I've had a hard time determining what these are too.
IMO- Voluptuous would be very busty and extra fat, whereas, thick might not necessarily be big busted, but just extra fat, or bigger proportioned, but the fat doesn't jiggle so much.
Thick would be described above, whereas full figured would be big bust, big butt but dresses

Honestly, I think beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Sometimes I see guys that some girls wouldnt even turn a head at, and there's something physically very attractive about him to me. Or, I can see a guy that a friend drools over, and I'll look at the same guy and ask, "so where is this guy you're looking at??"

In addition, keep in mind that most women will not describe themselves as if it's based on matching from what a woman says she is and what the man prefers, you might just get a thick girl when you're looking for an "average" one. Or your idea of voluptuous might be her description of her very out of shape body...or perhaps just the use of a good push up bra in her dating picture when she is really a thick stick in clothing.
So, I say, just pick what you THINK you imagine the description to be, and realize it's really the personality and if they get your jokes that counts.