Thursday, April 7, 2011


It's weird the things that can trigger memories. For me a quiet ride in the car, before the sun has completely risen, always triggers memories of family vacations. And by family vacations I of course mean going to see Grandma. We would always leave at a very early hour, the first few hours of travel being designated as sleeping time. No noise. Another memory trigger is seeing tiny boxes of cereal. As a child the only place I was ever privy to eat such an extravagant breakfast food was at my Grammy Ann's house (my Dad's step mom). I remember the excitement of picking my very own tiny box. Which one would I choose? They were all so wonderful. An entire box of cereal just for me. And for lunch, microwave meals. Those were the days when microwave meals came in reusable containers. Amazing, if only I could eat those everyday. Little did I know that someday I would be living the dream.

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