Monday, October 20, 2008


I know people who put a lot of weight in so called signs. This is a sign, that's a sign. "Everything happens for a reason," they say. "This couldn't just be a coincidence." Now, I've never been much of a signs person myself. I've played the signs game and have always managed to lose. I have a tendency to point all of the signs in the direction that I have already decided to go.

I had an experience last week that really turned me off to the so called signs. Now, I'm not saying that there aren't indicators in life to point us in the correct direction. However, most things that people consider to be signs of direction are just simple coincidences. And now for my signs experience. I was at work getting ready to print a large picture of a baby. The file was being rotated on our rip computer when all of a sudden I got an error message, an error message that I had never gotten before. It simply said, "Abort." Now think about that for a second. Is this a sign that I should vote for a pro-choice Democrat. What if this happened to a pregnant lady? If anything seems like a sign, it's this. Abort. But, this wasn't a sign. It was just an creepy coincidence. What do you think? Have you had experiences in this area? Are most things signs or are most things just coincidences? Tell me what you think.


snobound said...

Personally, I think most things are coincidences. However, if we are genuinely seeking the Lord's will in our life - or in a particular decision, I think he gives us clear indications as to which way he wants us to go - but those indications aren't usually 'billboard' signs, but more gentle urgings and clear direction.

I seem to recall a verse in Matthew 12:39 that says, "A wicked and adulterous generation asks for a miraculous sign! But none will be given it except for the sign of the prophet Jonah."

For me, that verse makes it very clear in that we're not supposed to be seeking after signs - since they can often be manipulated into our own direction, and will ultimately lead us astray. If we're wholeheartedly seeking the will of God in our lives and living according to his plan, which is detailed in the Bible, then we will have a true compass at our fingertips and in our hearts.

Just my two cents worth...

Michael Joseph Sharp said...

SIgns are all around us. But the meanings of them are often found in the eye (and heart, I guess) of the observer. Let's say that 2 people witnessed the baby pic and "abort" flash. A pro-choice person may dismiss it as coincidence and a pro-life person may observe it as substantiating their beliefs. Which one is correct? Who is to say?

I just lost a very good friend to cancer, and the months leading up to his death revealed many signs, ...some too bizarre to ignore. But unless you knew Spencer, and knew that he was dying, someone may have witnessed the same things as me and completely ignored them.

Maybe signs are meant only for who they are meant for.