Friday, October 31, 2008

Another Random Blog


I saw a car with over 25 air fresheners hanging on its rear view mirror. Did those things become collectible?

I dressed up like Jesus for the Blast (the churches costume, game and candy party). I saw a little kid dressed up like the devil. I wanted to get a picture of me, Jesus punching the devil in the face. Sadly I didn't get the opportunity to have that picture taken.

I saw a car whose license plate cover read Happy to be the mother of 6 girls. I would have to imagine that that was a customized plate cover. I mean, how many mothers of 6 girls are there who are shopping for license plate covers?

I saw 8 cop cars blocking traffic with their lights going on the highway. Then they were gone. I never did figure out what was happening. I'm confused.

When your dressed up as Jesus you get to say a lot of cheesy lines:
"Hey Jesus, did you just get here."
"No I am with you always."
One kid was walking down the street and said "Oh God."
I said, "Yea, well I guess that's appropriate."

I almost got attacked by a dog today. The thing was huge. It came running at me in full stride. Then in an act of animalistic aggression, it lunged at my torso teeth first. I didn't enjoy that. To make matters worse I think it was a poodle. It would be embarrassing to be killed by a giant poodle.

I asked a little kid if he was dressed up as Indiana Jones. He said "No, I'm dressed up like a midget." Wow, touche.

Today I realized that I have a tenancy to eat sandwiches in sets of three.

The best costume that I saw tonight was a girl dressed up as a recycling bin. I can't help but to wonder if her parents drive a Prius.

Every time that I open a can of biscuits is startles me. POW!

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