Wednesday, October 1, 2008

India Day 12 the Zoo

Today we went to the Zoo and it was fabulous. It’s a wonderful and humbling thing to be able to treat 17 kids to what they called one of the best days of their life. And to think, Keith and I were able to pay for the entire thing for less than $100.

We all took the bus, had food catered to us, ate ice cream and candy and drank Fanta and Coke. We saw the elephants, white tigers, giraffes, and of course the reptiles. The boys were all dying to see the snakes. Keith tried to follow the zoo map but then gave up in disgust saying that he had been all over the world and this was the worst map that he had ever tried to read. So, we let the kids leave the way. It was a bit helter skelter but today was all about the kids. Well almost all about them. I was soon to realize that the most exotic animal at the zoo was the blond headed American. As one of the other centers works said to me, “They're watching you, they have never seen hair like yours.” Since everyone seemed all ready watching me I decided to walk on my hands. A few of the kids gave it a shot too. Today was a fun day, an amazing day, a meaningful day. Those kids are important and are worth it. They’re worth the work, their worth the money, and they're worth every bit of love and so much more. After the zoo, Keith and I caught a tuk tuk back to the house, it rained and we got soaked. Tuk Tuks don't have doors.

That evening Keith, the girls and I went to the Urban Bar where we had shakes, drinks (I just had a shake), and 4 of us shared an apple flavored hookah, fun times. Side note, the drinking age in India is 25. Another side note, they don't card anyone, epically not foreigners. Later that night we played cards.

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