Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Note To Self - Another Random Blog

Yogurt only taste good if the second ingredient on the package is sugar.

I have 100 Slim Jims because my friend Chris gave them to me and not to you. Slim Jims are a great breakfast snack. They're like a quick, preservative filled, version of bacon.

If being racist, sexist, or ageist means that you are discriminatory against people based on their race, sex or age than what is a humanist?

I walked two miles to work today and if I had a cell phone I wouldn't have gotten all of that great exercise. Yep, my car broke down.

The residents of Mt. Airy and Colerain encourage physical exercise by not picking up hitchhikers.

Here is a quick and easy test that I came up with to determine if a presidential candidate is trustworthy or dishonest.
A) Is the person in question running for president?
If you answered yes to this question than the person in question is most certainly dishonest and is not to be trusted.
B) See question A

If you are looking at someones vacation photos, seeing their daughter in a bikini may inadvertently distract your attention from the Mayan ruins.

When my parents watch the presidential debates my mom concentrates on the Republicans and my dad on the Democrats. For instance, my mom complains that McCain's comb over is terrible and my Dad says that he can't get over the size of Obama's ears.


Dee said...

Just traveling by. You have a crazy sense of humor. Love it. Your life also seems to be very interesting. God bless

Carly said...

I love Slim Jims. Share the wealth.

Paul said...

So true! And you know which one I'm talking about!! :)

snobound said...

All good thoughts, and all somewhat random. Thanks for sharing.

darthmom said...

Has your mom seen Chabot's comb over?