Friday, March 25, 2011

That Big Building with a Bell Tower

When I was a kid I used to have the reoccurring dream that I lived in the church. These weren't exciting dreams. They would generally go something like this. I would be at the church and I would realized that I forgot my shoes so I would walk to the other side of the building and get them. And that was pretty much it.

Now, I don't have those dreams any more. No that's not true. I should say I don't have those dreams with the same frequency as I did as a child. I have however developed what I consider to be a super power. I can find my way through the church building without turning the lights on and without being freaked out by all of the strange noises that this place makes. I don't like turning all of those lights on because then I just have to go and turn them all back off. I even managed to make it from the basement to the third floor and half way down the hallway with my eyes closed. I am also sad to report the church candy drawer has run dry, there are no donuts leftover from the the leadership meeting sitting around and whoever used to stock the freezer with freeze pops has apparently quit. Wait, I had better double check that last statement... walk walk walk, , no wait, I take that last part back. The key to eating a freeze pop is to tap it with a hammer a few times to get it all nice and smooshy. I don't have a hammer on me so I have been reduced to using my hands. Hmmmm, I had better eat this freeze pop and get back to work.

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