Friday, March 25, 2011

The Funny Thing Is...

Just a few funny things that I've heard people say over the last few days...

- "My kids can tell the difference when I buy any toilet paper that's not Charmin Ultra Soft. My kids are toilet paper savants."

- "This one time I got stopped at the airport because the scanner kept going off. It was kind of embarrassing because I have piercings that I don't want my kids to know about and I was afraid that that's what was setting it off. Luckily it turned out to be my bra."

- I got an email about a party that I was attending that stated "I'll pick up the usual kids/Dan and adult beverages." kids/Dan beverages, well that's one way to put it.

- "Yea, Frank quit smoking so now he chews on hard candy all the time. Did you know that he has a chipped tooth. He carries around a tube of super glue so every time it comes loose he glues it right back on."

- "My son works at the library and at the library the workers have nicknames for all of the regulars. Now, the customers don't know that they have nicknames. The one lady they call Candy because she robbed a candy store and the police found her by following the trail of candy wrappers that she left."

- "The other day a lady brought her dog into the clinic that was both blind and deaf. The dogs name was Keller."

1 comment:

Francy said...

Actually, it's Charmin Ultra Soft and I don't THINK I KNOW they are toilet paper savants. But I'm happy I made your list!