Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Jetsons Had Better Custome Service

So I went to the grocery store Kroger to buy some random item at some random hour of some random morning last week. And even though I give Kroger nearly all of my food buying business, they insisted on insulting me. I spend dozens of dollars there and this is the thanks that I get. Now, I wasn't insulted by an employee per say. I'm not sure that the self checkout machine counts as an employee. Self checkout isn't exactly a robot from the Jetsons so I don't think it has feelings or is self aware. Even so, I used to think it was a nice machine. It was still morning, so knowing that I was hungry for breakfast it gave me a coupon for syrup, and after that cereal. It was the next two coupons that were insulting; tampons. Tampons? That dumb thing was trying to call me a girl! I may be taking my dozens of dollars in yearly business elsewhere.

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