Friday, January 16, 2009

Last Night I Gave Myself Stitches

Have you ever made direct contact with the sharp side of an xacto knife? I have, quite a few times in fact. This time, however, the cut was deep and it was long. My thumb was bleeding, it was bleeding a lot. I tried to use gauze and duct tape but the blood just soaked through and oozed out of the top. So next I tried butterfly bandages covered by normal bandages. That seemed to work. The next day I re-bandaged it but the cut busted right back open. Yesterday I tried that skin glue stuff but that didn't last and once again I was left with an open bleeding wound. How did I fix this gaping hole in my thumb you ask? Thanks for asking. The solution was simple, a needle and thread. Last night I gave myself stitches. The key is to go deep enough with the needle that the thread doesn't pull right back out. I got three good stitches in with my handy Marriott sewing kit (it came with the hotel room). Today I added a little glue and I haven't bled since. Here's a little video of the procedure. Enjoy.

Untitled from Dan Thoms on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...


You are insane.


It takes a real man to stitch himself. A real crazy man. I'm glad you're my friend in case I ever need stitches

Joel Swanson said...

Nice smurfs cup!

Francy said...

DAN! This is very disturbing. You could get a serious infection! Don't you have health insurance? Are you going to cook up some antibiotics in your kitchen next? I will pay for your doctor's appointment. I am seriously worried about this.

Kelly said...

This makes me queasy. I barely read it, and couldn't bring myself to watch the video. I'm praying you don't get an infection crazy man!!

DanThoms said...

Don't worry. The needle was sterilized first. There is no infection and it is healing up nicely. It isn't even sore to the touch anymore. What looks odd about it in the picture is the glue (its that liquid bandage stuff). I'll probably take the stitches out early next week. And no, I don't have insurance because I have something better, cash.

Anonymous said...

I stand in awe, Dan. The best I ever did was a splint for my finger with band-aids and Popsicle sticks.

However, a word of advice...put up a disclaimer before someone tries this, gets an infection, and then sues you.

melanie said...

I could not watch the video.
Didn't even try.
I, however, want to commend you for not running to the doctor to stitch up a thumb cut. Not that you would, but still.
Basically, you would stitch for a couple of reasons:
-to keep out infection (washing thoroughly and keeping clean usually does this anyway)
-to help keep the cut closed so that it doesn't bleed and can begin to heal closed.
-to have a 'cleaner' scar, which would be more important (imho) on a child's face or something.
If you need help stopping the bleeding next time, use the real super glue, bandage tightly and DON'T take it off the next day.
Oh, and I'm not a doctor, so don't sue me. (but I do have quite a bit of experience in stopping blood...)

Anonymous said...

agh!!!! couldn't you have just superglued it??? well keep it clean, you don't need an infection.

elektra said...

this is awesome.

Elaine said...

That's a little over the top. I am not easily grossed out, but I couldn't bring myself to watch the video. You win.