Thursday, January 8, 2009

eBAy Selling Tips #2 - The Title

Here are five more tips to help you rake in the cash. These are simple but often overlooked.

1) Use key words. One of the most important thing about a listing are the key words. Those are the words that people search to find your item. People can't buy what they can't find. Be sure to list the model number, color, year or any other pertinent information in the title. If your selling a Ford truck don't forget to put the word truck. If your selling a dvd don't forget the word dvd.

3) Know your buyer. Who is looking for your item and what key words will they be searching? For example. I sold some pictures of Islanders from WWII smoking cigars. My buyers were collectors of WWII memorabilia, primitive tribe collectors, photographic collectors and cigar collectors. The National Cigar Museum was the high bidder therefor making cigar my most important key word.

2) Use what you've got. You get 55 characters in your title so use them. Add extra key words to your title at the end. If your selling an old cigar sign ad words like tobacco, tin, porcelain, or antique. If your selling an old prop from a horror movie try words like, prop, movie, horror, vampire, weird, strange, 1960s, or slasher.

3) Don't use the same word twice. Its a waist of space to use the same word in the title twice. When someone searches it doesn't matter how many times they type the same word eBay only searches that word once.

4) Avoided using filler words. In other words avoid words like the and and. If you must use and just use &.

5) No typos in your title. If you misspell a key word then very few people will find your item thus driving down you margin of profit. I have friends who purposely seek out auctions with typos in order to pay less for a normally more expensive item.


Michael Joseph Sharp said...

what would you charge (%) to come to my garage and liquidate ebay style?

melanie said...

I also seek out misspellings in titles. I've gotten some dandy deals off of someone else's oversight.