Friday, January 30, 2009

The Secret Ingredient

I got a call from my friend Andrew yesterday informing me that he had received a letter in the mail that was for me. I was confused so he clarified. Sam's Club sent him a letter last week that he had just today gotten around to opening. The letter was to inform him that he had bought some recalled peanut butter crackers. The crackers may have contained a bonus ingredient, salmonella. The thing is though, Andrew didn't buy those crackers, I did. I bought a variety pack of 40. Fortunately for me though I didn't have to worry about this little matter. You see, I had eaten the last package 4 hours before he called.

Truth be told, I would have eaten those crackers even if I had known. If I lived my life according to statistical improbabilities like that, I would play the lottery. When you play the lottery the chances are you will lose. When you eat recalled peanut butter crackers the chances are you will win. I win.


sledgeforchrist said...

You may lose. But the chances are you will have fun. I think I would rather prop my kitchen table leg up with that same dollar than play the lottery.

Anonymous said...

Funny stuff! <><