Friday, September 5, 2008

24 Hours the Countdown to Delhi, India

In 24 hours I will be on my way to Delhi for the adventure of a lifetime. Oh, for all of you Cincinnatians that's Delhi in India not on the westside of Cincinnati near Western hills. And its pronounced del-ee not del-hi. I would have to imagine that when Delhi (del-hi) in Cincinnati was founded it was named after the famous Indian city but a bunch of rednecks butchered the pronunciation. Anyhow, enough about my redneck friends. I'm ready to go. I've checked my list and I am nearly packed. My list includes 5 pairs of pants, a laptop and luggage all borrowed from my brother. If my brother Phil ever gets fat I don't know what I'll do. Who will I borrow clothes from? That would be tragic. Ok, Phil, try not to get fat. If your wife cooks you a fatty meal, abstain.

This trip reminds me of the 100 year old 500lb safe that sits in my messy laundry room. It's cool to look at but whats inside? I don't know because I don't have the combination. I want to know. What does this trip have in store for me? I've heard everything that is bad about Delhi and a lot that is good. I want to experience their culture, eat their food, work with their homeless, hug them, love them, be one of them if only for 2 weeks. I want to know what their reality is. I say lets do this thing!


snobound said...

Good luck! Hope you have fun! Hope you grow (in faith and the Lord)! Lookin' forward to hearing all about the trip - if not wirelessly then when you get back.

Oh, I also hope you packed Kaopectate.

Curry rocks!

Michael Joseph Sharp said...


Sorry to be off-topic here, but do you attend The Vineyard Westside (in Western Hills)?

If not, you look just like someone else.

Perhaps, your doppleganger.

Cool blog.