Saturday, September 27, 2008

India Day 10 Painting the Walls

It’s back to work today. The walls of the center are looking much brighter. We worked all day painting the walls. I must admit, I am surprised at how well it is coming out. The painter Achanak painted my goofy pictures of monkeys in the jungle scene. I love it. Keith has been cleaning and repainting the walls in the other main room. Everything is looking a lot better. We got a few new kids this morning. The one that stuck out the most was a beautiful little boy. He’s eight and has been living on the railway tracks for a year. He has told us that both of his parents are dead and he has no family. When he first got here he didn’t show much emotion or expression. Keith played with him all day doing things that a child his age should have experienced a million times, tickling, this little piggy, and all of course hugs and pictures. These all seemed like brand new experiences to him and he laughed and he smiled and he wanted to do it all over again because he is only eight and that’s how eight year olds are.

In other news, I can’t seem to get anyone to stay up relatively late to play cards with me. We played a few rounds of spoons and then it was off to bed. I like to sleep but 10pm to 8am is a bit more than I need. Oh, and another person told me that I have very beautiful hair. Ha take that all of you Americans who don’t like my hair. India likes my hair. In fact, they love my hair. This is a video of Keith and the new child.


Michael Joseph Sharp said...

You may have written about this already, but what is the one thing that surprised you the most during your trip?

DanThoms said...

The only thing that surprised me was the transportation situation. The traffic is insane and the buses are s packed that you literally have to shove your way onto them.