Friday, September 26, 2008

9 The Shortest Blog - Lots of Pictures

Day 9
And we have one more house guest. Her name is Marieke and she is Dutch. Ah, another day of sightseeing. India is beautiful. I think the most amazing historical site that I have seen thus far would have to be Humayun's Tomb. I’ll let the pictures tell the story there. I've heard that it is second only to the Taj. I believe it. I got a glimpse of the train station today. There are more people packed on them then there are on the metros, amazing. Also, today I counted vehicles 7 wide in 3 lanes. That has to be some sort of record.

The police are out in force today. I’ve seen them checking cars for bombs. They are at the entrances to almost every shopping center in the area.

Look there goes another one. As of tonight there are now 2 more girls, one from Sweden and one from Greece. There are now people in this house from 7 different nations.


Michael Joseph Sharp said...

You mentioned cops checking cars for bombs. Terrorism, I suppose, right?

If so, do you know the organization behind it? Or do you know the cause (religious, political, cultural)?

DanThoms said...

The Indian Mujahideen took responsibility. They also set off another bomb in Delhi yesterday. They are a militant Islamist terrorist group.