Wednesday, May 7, 2008

When I was 26 (aka the Birthday Blog)

When I was 26 I learned (aka The Birthday Blog)

When I was 26 I learned that...
* even though I'm not a great handyman, with the right instructions, tools, materials and a lot of patience and my dad I can do almost anything to my house that needs to be done.
* rejection stinks but its part of taking risks and is far from the end of the world.
* if your deep freezer stops working then try plugging it into another outlet because it may not be broken. (thanks Dad, I think I need to clean the mold out of my deep freezer now)
* even with my pony tail gone, people still recognize me.
* I don't need to wait.
* your never to young to die.
* if you put too much oil in a pan and then insert something frozen you are likely to set your kitchen on fire.
* being in my mid-twenties has been ok, being in my late twenties is not ok.
* I can do anything and I shouldn't doubt myself.
* pizza plus meatloaf equals a great sandwich.
* couse couse is good.
* I'm awesome (ok that one I already knew)
* The Gap outlet is a great place to buy pants.


Reverb said...

This is awesome. Happy Birthday Dan. I'm so glad I met you when you were 26. At least I'm pretty sure you were 26 by that point.

melanie said...

Thiiiiis is your birthday song, it isn't very long, HEY! I think you're great, whether you're 12 or 26.