Monday, May 12, 2008

I'm in Love

There she was, just sitting there across the room. She was so beautiful, so slim and so stylish. I lusted after her, to make her my own. She was 26 years old and I longed to hear her salutary sweet voice echoing across my home. I wanted to take her home, to steal here away. But alas, she belonged to to someone else. That was months ago. I tried not to think about her. Maybe some day she would become available but until then I would just settle for what I could get. Friday was that day. There she was, again, just sitting there not saying a word next to the garage. I stepped closer to examine her armless body. No arm, amazing. She was fun, able to play even when standing on her side or upside down. And that optoelectronic sensor and linear-tracking, amazing. Ryan said that he would let me have her for a deal. Alas she was mine, my love, my SL-10. Thanks Ryan, you make my dreams come true.
Her Picture


Reverb said...

I've made a mistake and I need her back.

DanThoms said...

She said that she doesn't love you anymore and to leave her alone.

Guitarist.J said...

thats awesome