Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tearing Down the Neighborhood

Do you know Arlon Brown? Yea, me neither. Apparently he has a thing for the houses on my street, River Road. Not all of the houses though, just the ones numbered 2500-2800 (I own 2668). At least I assume that he likes them. After all, he has bought over 30 pieces of property (only 50 more to go). He pays the owners well (I estimate $1.5 million so far). Did I mention that he also buys under the name Collins Riverside Development LLC? Good old Arlon is persistent. He keeps knocking at my next door neighbors door with new offers. My neighbor says no but he’ll sell, they’ll all sell. Well, maybe not everyone. I have no plans on moving (an anonymous City Council member may or may not have indirectly advised me to hold on to my house). After all, I want to live next door to Harbor Lights, thats what they will be calling the high rise condominiums that will be replacing the 150 year old houses on my street. I’m not complaining though. I want to live next to people who can afford to buy a $500,000 condo. I just hope that they have a pool. Rich neighbors with a pool, thats what I want. Shoot, I’d take poor neighbors with a pool. Maybe I should just buy a pool. Eh, I guess I’ll just settle for a nice long bath.

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melanie said...

You crack me up. The world does indeed need a little more Dan today.