Friday, May 30, 2008

Pole Bearer

There are very few things in life more agonizing than watching your Grandma weep at her mothers funeral. My great Grandma Freda was 98 years old and today I had the honor of being one of her pole bearers. She left behind one daughter, 9 grand kids, 25 great grand kids, and 6 great great grandkids.

Its funny because as long as I can remember my great grandma was old. My little (she was 4'11) old grandma. Great grandma was fun, we would go to the fair with her, the zoo and of course Canal Days at Metamora village. She was incredibly independent and after her husbands death in 1970 lived the next 30+ years on her own. Even well into her 80s she was still riding the spinning, whirling fair rides that make me sick (and my mom, she threw up after riding one with my grandma, grandma was fine and laughing). She was also the only women that I've ever known who never got her drivers license because she grew up driving a horse. She had almost a 100 years worth of stories and I loved hearing them. As she lived out her last couple years in a nursing home I've been told that she was still as witty as ever. My great grandma was awesome. Last time I saw her she was a bit confused but still kind enough to tell me that she did not like my hair. Well grandma, I got it cut. I'll show it too you when I see you next.


melanie said...

Oh, getting weepy and I don't even know your grandma.
I'm sorry Dan. I think it's cute and adorable that she commented on your hair. Grandma's are allowed to do what others are not.
I think she was probably very proud of you, hair and all.

melanie said...

The funny thing is that tonight, I heard Jonah saying, "Jeesh, Dan, you haven't had a new blog in weeks."
Everyone's a critic

John Kay said...

it is pronounced Pall bearer, not pole bearer

DanThoms said...

actually its spelled pallbearer but that is hardly the point of this blog.