Monday, November 24, 2008

Random Thoughts as of Late

Random thought that I've had recently. These are my thoughts. Normally they would stay inside my head where they belong but alas I wrote some of them down. I also have deep thoughts. These are not those thoughts.

- I wonder if anyone has ever been poisoned by an Oreo?
- I can't fit 10 frozen pizzas in this shopping basket, its impossible!
- How many times are they going to play the iCarley movie on this station and why am I watching it again?
- Oh dear lord, pull your shirt down, no one wants to see you itch that thing.
- Why is it that if you drink cold water and you have gum in your mouth it gets all hard.
- These little paper ribbons in Hersey Kisses are useless. They don't help me open them at all.
- trebuchet, trebuchet, trebuchet, trebuchet, trebuchet, why am I thinking the word trebuchet over and over and over again.
- What do you mean there's a chance of snow flurries throughout the day. Look out the window you morons, its snowing right now.
- Wow, these M&Ms have very nice colors.
- Lollypop, lollypop, lollypop, lollypop, pop
- The cookie package is clear, the nutritional information is black and the cookies are black. What genius came up with this color scheme?
- Wow, if I eat 9 packages of these cookies that's 2000 calories.
- I wonder how many packages I could eat in one day, I have 45 packages. Hmmmm better not.
- That fart smells like egg salad, ha ha ha. Hmmmm I think I will eat egg salad when I get home.
- Wow, all I typed was "How long to" and Google knew that I was going to type "How long to boil an egg, genius."
- Man my fart stinks, what in the world did I eat last night? Oh yea, egg salad.


darthmom said...

Why are you trying to buying 10 frozen pizzas anyway? Based on the picture of your freezer in the last post, you seem to be stockpiling for some post-obama-apocalyptic-flu pandemic-global financial meltdown. I hope you have guns and a generator and a copy of "The Freedom Outlaw's Handbook." Viva La Revolution!

Kelly said...

Have you ever thought of being a comedian? We were watching the comedy channel last night and Bill Engval was on there talking about farts and random thoughts.

Anonymous said...

I believe a trebuchet is in the plan from Todd and Eric. The zip line isn't dangerous enough.

Anonymous said...

that anonymous was me. I clicked too soon