Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Epic Zip Line

My friends are crazier than your friends. Today I did "the zip line" again. The zip line is the brainchild my dear friend Todd with the help of his zip line minion Eric. Actually I'm not sure which one of them is the minion, I think they take turns. The zip line evolved in its set up so fast that it would make Darwin blush. It's original stopping mechanism was, well, it didn't have one. You went from full speed to a complete stop. Then came the mattresses, and the stoppers on the line and finally the bungee cords. The bungee cords were originally added as a stopping mechanism but quickly transformed into their current state of dual polarity. The budgie cords now launch you down the line at Mach 3 speed, bring you to a complete stop and then fling you backwards. We then discovered that if the person doing the zip line holds onto the tree, two more friends can pull the other end of the budgie cords to increase the speed of the take off. And that is why my friends are crazier than your friends.

Zip Line + Bungie Line = Awesome from Dan Thoms on Vimeo.

This is one of the original test runs with Eric.


Michael Joseph Sharp said...

Two questions:

1. Where do you get in line?
2. How much for admission?

DanThoms said...

You can come and do it next week if they do it which they probably will. It's set up in Colerain on Old Colerain Ave. The nuts that set it up go to our church.

puddlegirl said...

Krista seems to have little to no concern for Eric and his safety... she just says "yea he just did it, are you ok, Eric? are you ok?" But with the least concerned voice I have ever heard... It is hilarious. I want to know what he can't feel at the end he say "yeah, I can't feel..." totally leaves you in suspense.

Eric said...

I could not feel my right foot. After I got flung up in the air, I came down and cracked my foot on the ground. For future reference, tuck and roll.

elektra said...

dude. id love to try this

DanThoms said...

I'm sure they would let ya as long as you sign the release form :)