Monday, November 17, 2008

I am Becoming Wiser Everyday.

Its been said that as humans we are continually learning. Everyday is an opportunity to ad to our ever growing wealth of information and wisdom. Actually I just made that up but it sure sounds like something that someone smart once said.

Lesson #1: If you wait in line at a Thrift Store and only buy one solitary butter knife for a grand total of 13 cents, people think your funny.
"Just one butter knife huh. You looked through all those knives and decided that you just needed one butter knife?"
"Yep just one" I smiled.
"Do you want a bag for your butter knife?"
"Na, I'll just put it in my pocket," I quipped.
"No, your a paying customer, you get a bag" she chuckled.
Who knew that a single butter knife could be so humorous, huh. Everyone seemed to get a good kick out of it though. Maybe I don't like butter very much, huh, did you ever think of that? Maybe I'm trying to cut the fatty portion of milk out of my diet by just owning one butter knife.

Lesson #2: Why pray tell did I just buy one butter knife? Truth be known I do enjoy butter. I bought that butter knife because it was marked nickel silver. A silver knife for 13 cents sounds like a deal and a half to me. Ok, now for the lesson. Nickel silver as it turns out is a misnomer. It isn't silver at all. According to google its just a unholy mixture of copper, zinc and nickel. Nickel silver is a poser, a knock off. Stupid mongrel metal butter knife. I wonder if I can return it and get my 13 cents back.

I leave you with a comic that I drew years ago.


Elaine said...


Michael Joseph Sharp said...

Dude, that comic just made me laugh out-loud, and now everyone knows that I am not doing work on my computer.

elektra said...

what about plastic butterknives?

MaLady said...

Poor butter-knife. He now knows that you think him both an impostor and dull. What can he do about either? How will he ever recover his self-esteem? ;-) Anyway, now you're prepared for a classy(er?) Thanksgiving table. Or a really great white elephant gift.

Ma Lady

Carly said...

Hahahaha. That was funny.