Friday, July 18, 2008

Walgreens a store for morons.

Walgreens, a store for morons. Now mind you, not all people who go to Walgreens are morons. I have frequented the establishment many times to buy their excess holiday candy and have still managed to maintain my high IQ. But I regress. There is a Walgreens directly across the street from my work. Posted on the outside brick wall is a sign clearly stating that there is a Police substation inside. Yet time after time, morons attempt to rob the place. It takes a special kind of moron to rob a store that has a police station inside.

Speaking of morons... yesterday, at that same Walgreens I saw an ambulance. What kind of tragic injury could have befallen an innocent Walgreens shopper on this fine day. Now I'm no doctor but from what I could tell, some middle aged lady hurt her wrist. But your not doctor, you may say, how do you know this? Well I'll tell you. When she walked, unassisted, to the ambulance she had an ice pack on her wrist. This is why health insurance is so stinking expensive. Its because of morons who insist that everything is an emergency. My wrist would have to be disconnected from my arm for me to call a crew of medical technicians to help me. I would like to think that even if I broke my wrist, as long as I wasn't blacking out, I would drive myself to the hospital. To prove to myself that this could be done I drove home yesterday using only my left hand. Being that I have a five speed this was a bit difficult and unnecessary dangerous. This means that every time I shifted I had to let go of the steering wheel, reach across my body, and shift. Ok, so I used my right hand once , just once though. My point here is that I am not a wimp who calls the doctor over every scraped knee, morons! Ok, thats my rant, continue on with what you were doing.

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