Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Games Grown Ups Play

Follow the Leader (Cops edition)
This game is generally played on a highway full of cars. The goal of this game is not to pass the cop (the leader) in front of you. If he speeds up than you are also free to speed up. If he slows down than you must do the same. The only way to win is for the cop to exit the highway. It is always fun to see a new player enter the game at the last second. Another popular variation of this game is the leader follows you. This one is much more difficult and losing can be costly.

Budget Roulette
WARNING: This game is very dangerous and should not be played.
In this game the player will need 2 checks. One check should be in the process of clearing their bank account while the other one should be in an amount equal or less than the clearing check but more than the current bank account balance. This is a game based on luck and timing. However, if the new check clears before the check entering into your account does, you lose.

The Petroleum Limbo
How low can you go. In this game you will need to use almost all of your cars gas. The closer to the E line that you get the better. However, go too low and you lose.

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