Thursday, July 3, 2008

I Think

An assortment of events and my thoughts on them.

- A couple came into work to buy a sign. They got a post card that said "Why don't you use $30 of your stimulus check and buy a new flag. Yours is tattered. - Your Neighbors" They wanted to buy a flag that said "What ya think about this?" I think they have mean neighbors.

- My neighbor gave me a bunch of wood leftover from his remodel. I think I have a nice neighbor.

- Pringles now makes Dill Pickle flavored chips. I think that taste nice.

- My sister Hope said, "It's poring rain outside." It wasn't. That is until 2 seconds after she said that. I think thats creepy.

- I think the TV show Americas Got Talent shouldn't have any singers on it. I think that those people should be replaced with more circus performers and break dancers.

- My Dad said that he thinks that Daisy Dukes are shorts that are so short that your but cheeks are showing. I said that I think he's wrong. My mom said that she thinks that the conversation was inappropriate and should end right there.

- My little toe put a hole in my Converse All Stars. I think I may need to cut my toe nails.

- The people in the car next to me at an intersection started a conversation with me. I think that should happen at every intersection. That would be nice.

- I think, therefor I am.

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Paul said...

I think you have a great point with respect to intersection conversations. We always look at the person next to us, so why don't we start a conversation? We all have something to say, right?