Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Rules Have Gone Out the Window

Everyone was done eating so I grabbed for the last piece of cheesy garlic bread. My Dad, seeing what had just occurred cried foul. "Hey, I was going to eat half of that, thats why I just go this knife," he said brandishing a blade much to large for such a small piece of bread. "Fine", I said holding out the bread out, both hands clenching the sides, "cut it in half."My dad, lifted the knife in a rather dramatic fashion and quickly slammed it down on the bread in an unsuccessful attempt to Samari it in half. I lost my grip and the bread went crashing the the floor. He picked it up, tore it in half, and we ate it. My mom, seeing the events of the evening asked my Father this question, "Since all the kids have grown up have all the rules gone out the window?"

My theory is that the rules have been slowly sneaking out the window. When I was little, there were a lot of rules, when Phil was little there were a lot of rules, when Faith was little there were a fair amount of rules, when Grace was little there were some rules, when Hope was little, there were a lot of ideas but I'm not sure if they were rules or not. My parents are currently down to 2 out of 5 kids. I think they feel some sort of freedom in that. Hopefully when the last one moves out they won't go and join the circus or something just because they can.

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melanie said...

I don't know ~ your mom can make a pretty good life size puppet. The circus is always looking for those.