Thursday, January 7, 2010

How Did you Find this Blog

I'm a bit of a statistics nerd. And like all blogger nerds I like to track my blog views and how people found my blog. I came to find that people have searched some, um, interesting things on google to end up here. Here are some of the searches that brought folks to my blog:

white people hats
weeble wobble making
single guys with minivans?
older ladys hitchhikers sexy
i wanna punch this person in my year
guanatur fala ingles
grandma with piercings
evangelical "dan thoms"
dandruff in mustache
cultural differences farting
blogspot my pierced nipples
cultural differences farting


Reverb said...

I googled "total wuss" and landed on your page. I haven't been able to stop reading since!!

Francy said...

Does that freak you out that someone googled: evangelical "dan thoms"? Like they heard of you and googled you! You are famous.

I started reading your blog in the summer of 2008. I linked to your blog from Ryan's blog because I thought your comments were funny.

DanThoms said...

Yea, that is kind of freaky Fran. As for you Ryan, google must have been broken that day.

rhymeswithplague said...

I am 68. I came over here from Ryan's blog also, which I discovered through Ree Drummond's blog, which I discovered through my wife who reads both of them. When Ryan linked to you he said of you, "My friend Dan who definitely has something wrong with him. Possibly many things." I knew immediately that I would like your blog.

Somewhere a long time ago I read, "First you are Christian brothers, then you become friends, then you become enemies, and then God can really begin to work." I don't know what that means exactly, but I felt like sharing it at this time.

DanThoms said...

@ rhymeswithplague Hey thanks. I'm glad you like it. Ryan is correct, I don't think like a normal person. Normal is so, well, normal.