Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Got to Have Goals

So here they are, my list of goals. I made a list of around 75 life goals last year and completed 15. Not too shabby if you ask me. This year I did a list of 50 (as did all of the guys in my life group) and plan to accomplish at least 25. Ryan, our fearless leader did on too and you can read that one here

1. Make $8,000 in online sales
2. Put railing in my hallway
3. Have a giant party
4. give away $1,000 at one time
5. Be less socially awkward
6. Go on a date
7. Get 12 new people to come to church
8. Get 3 friends to join life groups
9. Bungee jump
10. Visit Africa
11. Be published
12. Fast for 48 hours
13. Enter a food eating contest
14. Read 4 books
15. cook 5 new dishes (new to me)
16. ride my bike once a week (weather permiting)
17. Visit South America
18. Be on TV
19. Go ice-skating
20. Break word record
21. average 200 kids a week in kids church
22. make a dessert from scratch
24. shoot a machine gun
25. go on safari
26. scuba dive
27. go to the top of the carew tower
28. build a piece of furniture
29. drink an espresso
30. have a meaningful job
31. go hunting
32. flip a car (buy and sell)
33. try a new type of meat
34. cliff dive
35. plant a garden and actually grow tomatoes worth eating
36. keep better business records
37. get 50 subscribers on my blog
38. be a roll model
39. get married
40. visit the Indian mounds
42. go ice-skating
43. get $500,000
44. have kids
45. be in a movie
46. get my dad to do something crazy fun
47. get 1,500 feedback on eBay
48. explore the abandoned subway tunnels
49 buy a pacman arcade unit
50. open a Roth IRA


Francy said...

Open a Roth IRA!? Planning for retirement doesn't sound like you.

Kelly said...

Just don't do #13 directly after #12, you will get very sick!

Not Too Old said...

I think you need to add.
Keep my beard.
I saw what Ryan said.

Mr. Thoms said...

give me a $1000 and one goal is off your list. I'm the best brother ever!!

Daniele said...

cook 5 new dishes...

Well you have this brazilian friend and you could cook FIVE BRAZILIAN Diff dishes so she coult try them and say if they are good. HAHAHAAH

DanThoms said...

Phil, hopefully I will get to write you a thousand dollar check this year. I think I may have done that before.

Daniele, it hardly seems right that I should have to teach you how to cook Brazilian food.

Mindy said...

I like how you have "go on a date," "get married" and "have kids" all as 2010 goals. Pretty ambitious. :)