Friday, January 15, 2010

7 Randoms

My Dad

My dad stopped by my work the other day just to show me this comic. He cut it out of the paper for me.

My eBay Account

My eBay account was partially suspended by eBay today. Dupont filed a claim agansit me because I illegally used the word freon in my auction. They aparently own the word freon. I did not know this and I bet you didn't either. eBays customer service is quite possibly the worst in the world.

My Emotions

Every time I hear about the people of Haiti on the news I tear up. I'm usually driving so I try not to cry. It's hard not to cry. They are people just like me.

My Country

Every time I hear about all that my country is doing to try to help Haiti I am proud. I think that we get a bad rap when it comes to world politics. Americans as a people and as a government do a lot and give a lot to help other nations.

My Snowman

I built this guy a couple of years ago in my parents front yard.

My Antique Photos

I think this girl is beautiful. Too bad she is dead.

My Hair

I pulled a car with my hair years ago. Yea, I really did.


melanie said...

How do you know that girl is dead?

DanThoms said...

Because the picture is around 100 years old, maybe older.

melanie said...

Hey! You need to cross off Polar Bear Plunge from your to-do list!