Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Welcome to Your Funeral

If you died today how many people would take an unpaid day from work to go to your funeral? I think about these things. If your answer is 5% of your facebook friends than perhaps your not living your life to its full potential. I like to think (rather its true or not) that they would have to rent out an auditorium to hold all of my mourners. I like to think that the city of Cincinnati's economy would suffer that day because everyone would be to busy crying. What would your eulogy sound like? Would the speaker have to fabricate positive qualities or would they have to give him a time limit because he had so many nice things to say? Did you impact anyone life this week? Is the world a better place because your here. Is the way that your living today worth celebrating tomorrow? What would your funeral look like?

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Not Too Old said...

Led Zepplin's "In My Time of Dying".
e.e. cummings' "i am a small church" and "o God i thank thee for most this amazing day"
I've already begun a series of essays set to particular songs, telling people that I love how the song connects me to them.
That's about all I've envisioned so far, haven't talked to my Pastor yet about the Zepplin.

What's up with the questions? For me, I've just had way too many funerals lately...