Saturday, February 28, 2009

I Just Have a Talent for It

Tonight I discovered yet another talent to ad to my already lengthy resume. But first, a little background. I take kids to church, the more the merrier. Tonight there were 7. I should pause here to inform all of you worried moms out there that yes, they were all wearing seat belts. There were 5 kids in the back and two in the front. After church we went to Frishes to use up some more free kids meal coupons. Yep, you guessed it, one of them threw up, just like two weeks ago. This time it was all over the table. I liked the color of the puke two weeks ago better, it was blue. This time it was brown. Chocolate milk vomit, mmmmmmm. So what is my new talent? Drum role please. I have the uncanny ability to make children who appear to be perfectly healthy blow chunks. I just want to take a moment to thank God that all of the other children at that table can keep eating while watching me clean up puke. They have no gag reflexes. It's really quite amazing. Sometimes a situation like that can turn into a puke circus. Needless to say, I didn't eat all my food. I let the kids eat my fries while I cleaned. I hope they disinfected that table after we left.


Kelly said...

I tried to read the entire post. But I am eating breakfast. You are a brave man, taking that many chidlren out to eat.

melanie said...

I don't know why, but I am just full of questions after this post:
1) Does Frisch's let you use free coupons for all of the children? (They used to. One time I took 26 girls to Frisch's on free coupons, but made them bring big bucks to tip.)
2) Do you order anything?
3) Did you lose your appetite and not eat your food or did the kids eat it just because you were cleaning up. I can't imagine you losing your appetite.
4) Do you tip well, before and/or after seven kids and puke?
See, told you, lots of questions today.

DanThoms said...

1) Yep as many as you want.
2) Yea, I ordered a Big Boy and fries.
3) I didn't lose my appetite. I let them eat my fries while I was cleaning up because the older kids were still hungry.
4) I did tip well. Although I did more work than she did. I didn't call the waitress over to clean up the puke. I just took her cart and got some napkins.

Not Too Old said...

Sounds like you're pretty much prepared for life's challenges. I applaud your ability to handle that many kids. I max out at three without help. My voice begins to get shrill, sometimes where only dogs can hear me.

Ruby said...

and I thank God as well that you have that talent rather than myself

elektra said...

yum yum!!
i like this talent.
very original

sledgeforchrist said...

I bet my dogs puke looks better. Most of the chunks were not even chewed.