Sunday, March 9, 2008

God Loves Snowmen

My fingers are numb. I just got done making a snow man. At around 11pm I realized that this was my last chance to make one before the snow melted. I should have worn gloves. My fingers burn, some of the tips are numb and they all tingle. The snow man isn't pretty, he looks like the cookie monster, but he is done. I built my snow man.

Can God use a snow man? As I was building this monstrosity a young guy with long hair ran out of gas, right there in front of my house. What are the chances of him running out of gas at that exact point, in front of my house? Not only that but what are the chances that I would be outside, in my front yard, at 11pm at night. I'm never outside in my yard at that time. Who builds a snowman at night?

Anyhow, we pushed his car to the side of the street and I gave him a ride to the gas station. He offered me some, um, illegal substances, to which I politely refused. He also offered to stop by and drink a beer with me. I said that I don't drink but told him he could stop by sometime if he liked. Is this all just a coincidence? I doubt it.


Reverb said...

Coincidence is God's way of staying anonymous.

Melanie Price said...

Wow! Did Ryan just come up with that off the top of his head? Wow. Can I borrow that saying?
And no, it wasn't a coincidence unless you choose to call it just a coincidence. But then, you'll miss out on seeing God's practical work in your day to day.