Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I have decided to advocate the use of my name, Dan, as an adjective. For those of you who are far removed from the toils of grade school grammar, an adjective is any word that describes a noun. And for those of you who are even further removed, a noun is a person place or thing. I looked into getting my name into the dictionary but as it turns out this is quite a lengthy process. The first step however is the circulation of the word into printed media. Here are a few sudgestions for the use of the word Dan. If you have your own definition that you would like to submit, feel free.

Possible Usages
Dan ..--dan.. adj [Hebrew D--n]
Inflected Form(s): Danly; Danner; Danning

1. characterized by entailing little expense, frugal, money well spent
That coat was a dan good deal.

2. favorably disposed; in a kind manner; with sympathetic or helpful kindness
Thanks for helping me with my homework. That was very dan of you.

3. having an attractive, well-proportioned, and imposing appearance; good-looking
That is one nice t-shirt. Your looking very dan today.

Rejected Usages
Dan ..--dan.. adj [Hebrew D--n]
Inflected Form(s): Danly; Danner; Danning

1. having a gaunt, wasted, or exhausted appearance, as from prolonged suffering, exertion, or anxiety; haggard
Having gotten only two hours of sleep, Joe woke up looking very dan.

2. having qualities traditionally ascribed to women
My, don't you look dan today with your new scarf

3. to collect, save, or hoard useless items
Look at all this junk. Your really danning this place up.

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