Tuesday, August 7, 2012

facebook - Why I comment so Much

Why do I comment on so many peoples statuses, pictures, and conversations on facebook? I've given this question some thought and have come to this conclusion. I love people but I don't live with any. I work at home, I study at home, I eat at home, I sleep at home and all the while I am by myself.

I remember when I first moved out of my parents house.I went from living with 6 other people to just me and in my apartment. At home there was always someone to talk to, someone to sit with, and I never ate alone. There was constant interaction. But then I was all alone. I remember sitting in the uncomfortable silence thinking about all of the things that I wanted to tell people about my day. I would turn the tv on for background noise because I hated the silence, I still do. Sometimes I like to be alone but not for too long and not too often.

A normal week for me includes me hanging out with friends or family at least five or six nights a week. But still, I'm home all day. I'm not a huge fan of talking on the phone. I really only talk to four people and three of them are family. The only people that text me are my nieces. So what do I do? I use facebook. It gives me enough interaction to hold me over until I can be with people again. It gives me the opportunity to tell people about my day, tell a joke, talk to friends, interact with family. I think that that's why I comment so much on facbeook.

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