Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Breastplate of Laser Tag

And another fun filled 5-8th grade Thrive class has come to an end. We spent 10 weeks playing games, doing worksheets, acting silly, eating snacks, and most importantly learning about the armor of God. This week, to celebrate, we all went to Skallywags and played three games of laser tag. There were 11 kids and me. Laser tag is fun. It is fun if your a kid and it is fun if your an adult. The first team we played were the latter and we destroyed them. Quite frankly I was surprised at how well the kids did. The second game they split us in half and the third we once again played the young adults as a team.

We lost. The grown ups beat us this time, kind of. They cheated. They cheated a lot. One of their players in particular covered his front target with a sweatshirt and turned his back one so that it was facing inward. Quite frankly I was surprised. The guy who was running the place asked him multiple times to fix it but to no avail. After the game ended I found out that some of their other players were grabbing the kids vests and then shooting them. Nearly every one of my kids came out of the game saying the same thing, "Wow, they cheated." The guy who was running the place apologized for the other teams behavior. It's too bad that the other team wasn't in Thrive because if the had been they would know about a piece of equipment that was much better than a laser tag vest. It's called a Breastplate of Righteousness. Luckily all of my kid were wearing theirs and choose to do the right thing. They didn't retaliate by cheating, they didn't call names and they didn't complain. They left smiling knowing who really won. No matter what the numbers said, the kids won the last game because they chose to do the right thing.

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