Sunday, November 6, 2011

Because Every Little Girl Should Have a Doll

Being a kids pastor I get the opportunity to talk to so many amazing children. Children are so often underestimated. Their passion is written off and their ideas ignored. After all, they are just kids. But they aren't "just" kids. Kids aren't just potentially good adults. Kids can be great right now.

There is one little girl in my class who had a big idea. You see, there are little girls in the hospital who don't have any dolls, and every little girl should have a doll. So she had an idea. She would knit hats and scarves. She makes them for dolls and she makes them for people. For $10 you get a set. For every $100 she earns she buys an American Girl Doll and gives it to a little girl in the hospital who doesn't have one. So far she has bought 2 or 3 dolls.

Her dad told me that this was all her idea. It's a big idea that could have been blown off. After all, she is just a kid. But with the support of her parents she is doing it. She is changing the world one American Girl doll at a time. I can't wait to get my hat.


Francy said...

That is awesome!

Unknown said...

How do I get a set?

Faith said...

That's amazing!!! Does she make baby hats?