Sunday, May 1, 2011

Osama is Dead - Should I be Happy About This?

Osama bin laden is dead. Should this make me happy? I'm not sure if anyone's death should make me do a little dance. I remember, years ago, I won a shirt from one of the local radio stations that had Osama's face in a target. I only wore in once before I decided it was in bad taste. I understand that he was a mass murder and a terrorist but is it ever right to rejoice in someone going to hell.


Karen said...

I think if it impacts your life enough, it's ok to rejoice that the demons are cast down.
Odd how things work the end, everything will be in it's rightful place. THAT I do rejoice in.

Anonymous said...

I, myself couldn't decide if I should be happy about this or not either. When I turned on the tv and realized what happened I was immediately overcome with relief. I then felt guilty for being happy that a man should die. I'm aware of all the things he did, but Jesus told us to pray and love our biggest enemies. So in the end I said a prayer for him and his family and anyone who was affected by his death. I believe that he deserved to die.. But that's not my choice nor my place. So for right now, I'm just happy that he will no longer going to be a burden to us.

Francy said...

God doesn't rejoice in anyone going to hell, that's for sure.