Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Shopping - New vs Used

I'm going to go ahead and put a question out there and see if anyone has a good answer. Why is it that when it comes to buying someone a present it is somewhat of a taboo to get them something that is pre-used? Why do we feel the obligation to buy them something brand new when we can get them something used that is just as good or better for a much more reasonable price? Where did this way of thinking come from? Why shouldn't I buy someone a pre-used video game instead a brand new one if it is half the price? Why do we think this way? Whose fault is this wasteful and prideful mindset?


Helen Ann said...

Hmmm - well, there is something to be said for giving someone you love something that has never been used by someone else...Something that is fresh and clean, especially clothes. With used CDs and DVDs there's a risk that it might not be in great shape. But I do agree with your point. Especially when money is tight...I think there are fair arguments on both sides, though. Not sure it's always a prideful thing.

Not Too Old said...

Sounds to me like there's more to this story. I'm with Helen Ann, sure is hard to pick a side in general on this. It's not always a pride thing, sometimes it's just not cool. I've bought things used as presents, but they were very special things that I could no longer purchase new, like a cub scout canteen from the 60s or a specific record album.