Monday, December 21, 2009

21 Things I've Never Done

- I've never been to a Starbucks
- I've never owned a cell phone
- I've never drank a Red Bull
- I've never bungee jumped
- I've never had sex
- I've never carried health insurance
- I've never owned a pair of boxers
- I've never watched the movie Forest Gump
- I've never owned a car with electric windows
- I've never drank an alcoholic beverage
- I've never broken a bone
- I've never owned a brand new piece of furniture
- I've never been to the Newport Aquarium
- I've never used a cell phone to send a text message
- I've never played an organized sport
- I've never been hunting
- I've never taken a ride in a helicopter
- I've never been trick or treating
- I've never thrown a piece of garbage out of my car window
- I've never used my recycling bin
- I've never owned a dog

+ I've never given someone the finger


Francy said...

You forgot "I've never given someone the finger," unless that has recently changed. If so, you must blog about that.

Daniele said...

No sex? Ever? I am SHOCKED.

Not Too Old said...

interesting choices you made for this list. You taking it any further, say 21 things you've done but wish you hadn't? I might just have to post my own list.

Ellen G said...

Very fascinating, considering the world we live in especially...

Tiff said...

Oh no, everyone should have a dog. They bring such love and peace to your life.

Anonymous said...

Dan, I knew you were special, and now, I am positive of it! You are awesome and a rarity in this world of flesh. My hat is off to you. You go Dan!