Sunday, November 22, 2009

Have Two - Will Sell Duplicate

People will sell almost anything when they are hard up for cash. Craigslist is a living testament of that. The other day I was browsing the international crailgslist listings when I made and interesting discover. People were offering for sale some things that are near and dear to them. By near and dear I am of course referring to their kidneys. How hard up for cash to you have to be to offer to sell a body part? Now this practice is of course illegal. It does not however prevent people from trying. I came across 3 ads that were ongoing and at least 3 or 4 more that had been shut down.

- i am a 24 year old male, clean lifestyle, in need of money, 80k plus you pay for all med bills.

- Desperately seeking money. Will sell kidney to anyone in need. Help me by helping you.

- Kidney for sale. 50,000

So, next time you think that your having financial problems think about these folks..



melanie said...

Seriously - do they know how difficult it is to even be compatible with someone else's kidney? And the amount of tests both donor and recipient would need to endure to find out if they even matched? Who's paying for those?

Not Too Old said...

It's so common in India JAMA actually published a study on it. It's hard to fathom someone being that desperate for money. Although often times I've seen folks do a lot of stupid things for EASY money.

Unknown said...

I'd feel morally fine about either buying or selling a kidney, except for the fact that it's illegal.

I'd support changing the law.

Instead of writing out the reasons I'll just defer to Balko:

Mr. Thoms said...

If it were legal. I'd sell mine for $250,000. And thats the truth.

Francy said...

Is it illegal everywhere around the world? People sell their children into sex trade for money, so from that perspective a kidney seems like no big deal.

Michael Joseph Sharp said...

I'll give you $49,000 right now.

... meet me for a beer, that price drops to about $2.50.

Just messing. You're making a good point.

Really, Dan, what are you thankful for? I really want to know.

DanThoms said...

What am I thankful for? It would be easier for me to tell you what I'm not thankful for. I have so much to be thankful for. Family, church, kids, money, house, car, friends, auctions, ebay, art, antiques, comics, and all the other things that God has blessed me with.