Thursday, April 23, 2009

Zip Code: 90210

I enjoy meeting new people. Waiting in line at the post office has, in the past, proven to be a great spot for that. If, however, I don't happen to converse with a stranger eavesdropping on their conversation is the next best thing. The other day I was behind a couple of good ol' boys. Both of them spoke with a bit of a country twang, "You know, you would think they would have pens to use at a post office." The one began. You know, it's amazing to watch a conversation evolve from pens into, tvs, whats made in America, motorcycles, death, music, and then finally the cds that he was at the post office to mail. "Look at this, I'm mailing these cds to my daughter in 90210. Isn't that somethin else? When she was a kid taking dance lessons we never gave it much thought."

Let's pause here for just a second. Hearing the zip code 90210 conjures up images from that terrible 90's tv show by the same name. I couldn't help but to think, "Are there any cheap houses in that zip code?" I saw the mans envelope and sure enough, it said Beverly Hills, 90210.

Now, back to the story. "Yea, my daughter called me the other day and said hey why don't ya put the bike in storage and I'll fly you out to LA. I told her I'm takin the bike. I'll see ya in 3 days." And then, it was that fellows turn to mail his envelope. It was like a cliff hanger. Who is this mans daughter. As he was leaving he turned around, as if he just realized what I was thinking and said, "Yea, my daughter is Carmen Electra."


Paul said...

Did you ask him if you could ride on the back of his bike to visit his daughter?

Francy said...

Some thoughts came to mind as I was reading:
1)Carmen Electra is a dancer? I guess I never knew exactly what she did.
2)It's like God wants Dan to have the most interesting blog! Why can't I stand in line behind Carmen Electra's dad and eavesdrop on his conversation!
3)Why does Carmen's dad have to send her cds. Can't she buy her own cds? Can't he take them with him on the bike?
4)It IS annoying that the post office never has any pens.
5)Dan should consider using spell check to catch the typos. I know some of the misspellings are on purpose to illustrate the "country twang" of Carmen's dad, but some are accidental. If I mention the typo thing to Dan, I'll sound like a jerk.
6)Carmen's dad probably realized what Dan was thinking because Dan was leaning over his shoulder trying to read the address on the cd package.

Mr. Thoms said...

Did you get Carmen Electra's address???

DanThoms said...

Yea, I know there are typos. For some reason the spell check wasn't working and I couldn't get it to post, it was annoying. Her dad was sending her cds of his band :)

Francy said...

Notice how I apparently don't care if I sound like a jerk? I know you'll forgive me, Dan, because you are a Christian and its in the rules somewhere. And because you're awesome!

Not Too Old said...

It's those random cards. Gives him good blog karma.

Rosa said...

I surfed over here from reverb's blog (which I surfed onto from Pioneer Woman's blog), and I have spent a couple of hours reading through your archives. I have to say, you are hilarious! I haven't laughed so much in a long time. Your blog really made my day. Thanks!

DanThoms said...

Thank your Rosa, I'm very happy that you've enjoyed my blog. I appreciate the comment. Come back anytime.

elektra said...

soooooo odd!!!
and yes carmen electra majored in dance at SCPA.